Marc Curtis - Angus GeoSolutions - Talk: Establishing a single valid address database for City of Hamilton

Industry Showcase: Next Level Geospatial Intelligence
Wednesday Jun 19   03:00 PM to 03:30 PM (30 minutes)
GoGeomatics Three

The City of Hamilton has many service delivery applications for resident addresses. For example, street addresses are solicited in a free form method and not validated against a common address database. Thus, the City has numerous instances of address databases, used on a daily basis, that are not accurate or consistent. In many cases, addresses are misused and often invalid causing a breakdown of communications. Leading to embarrassment for the City, anger by the residents and in some cases legal action.

The challenge is to establish a single valid address database that will service delivery applications. Also challenging will be determining which are the best addresses, the adoption the new database and cleaning up existing databases.

The City engaged Angus GeoSolutions to help collect business requirements, design and implement the solution. The technical solution consisted of a consolidated database model, application database cleanup, address maintenance tool, redlining tool for identifying address issues and a method to deliver addresses to other service delivery applications.

Also a sustainability model to ensure that addresses are maintained accurately and on a timely basis by identified stewards. The address model would ensure that new or updated addresses are available to other service delivery applications.

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