Update on NRCan’s Flood Mapping Initiatives in support of Flood Mitigation

Challenges and Opportunities: Canadian Geospatial Foundations
Wednesday Jun 19   03:00 PM to 03:30 PM (30 minutes)
GeoSpatial Two

Natural Resources Canada provides mapping and engineering advice and expertise to Public Safety Canada in support of the National Disaster Mitigation Program. Notably, NRCan develops the Federal Flood Mapping Guidelines Series and is nearing publication on two documents that will move Canada closer to having common practices for flood risk:

The Federal Hydrologic and Hydraulic Procedures for Flood Hazard Delineation, and

The Federal Geomatics Guidelines for Flood Mapping.

In addition, the Case Studies on Climate Change in Floodplain Mapping were published in late 2018, bringing together common practices for the complex issue of incorporating climate change into flood mapping exercises. Furthermore, we have contacted an Indigenous firm, Innovation 7, to conduct engagement on inclusion of Indigenous Knowledge in the Federal Flood Mapping Guideline Series, to ensure the Guidelines are appropriate and useful for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike.NRCan is pleased to provide an update on these documents as well as report on progress made with regard to its flood mapping community engagement activities.
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